Cash Pay Packaged Fees

Included: The Cash Pay Packaged Fee includes facility fee, surgeon fee and anesthesia care.

Not included: Preop labs necessary for medical clearance, MRI, X-rays, physical therapy or rehab. Admission for overnight observation is not included. Expenses or fees resulting from complications subsequent to the completion of the surgery and discharge from the facility are also not included. Travel and lodging are not included.

Hardware/implants are calculated separately. You will be provided with our best estimate which we will collect at the time of surgery. Hardware or implants will be provided to you at invoice cost without any markup.

Price quotes provided by our Business Office are valid for 60 days. Fees are due in full and will be collected prior to surgery. We gladly accept cash and checks. Credit cards are accepted with the appropriate processing fees added.

Depending upon your medical/health history, you may be asked to provide clearance from a primary care provider in order to confirm that you are medically cleared for the intended outpatient surgical procedure. Please arrange to speak with a pre-admissions nurse to determine if this may be necessary.

If the procedure you believe you require is not listed on this website, feel free to call our contact number to inquire about availability and pricing.

Procedure CPT code Total packaged price
Carpal tunnel release64721$2,400.00
Depuytrens correct/1 finger26040$2,880.00
Trigger release26060$2,491.20
mucous cyst or ganglion of tendon sheath or joint capsule26055$2,731.20
CMC arthroplasty *25477$4,680.00
ORIF Distal Radius25607-08$4,440.00
ORIF Distal Radius25477$4,740.00
Tennis elbow24358$4,500.00
Arthroscopy Knee, menisectomy29880$3,780.00
Arthroscopy Knee, meniscus repair29882$4,284.00
ACLR *27428$5,960.40
subacromial decomp, debridement *23130$4,603.20
distal clavicle exc *23120$4,363.20
Rotator cuff repair, open *23412$6,240.00
Bankart *23455$6,480.00
Clavicle repair23485$6,344.54
ORIF Bimalleolar27814$3,770.00
Gastroc recession27687$3,475.20
Achilles repair27650$4,075.20
Arthroscopy, ankle29891$3,706.80
Removal of nail plate 11730$644.00
Laminectomy/ Discectomy 63030$8,520.00
Arthrodesis, Great Toe 28750$4,195.20
Bunionectomy 28292$3,855.60
Bunionectomy (Taylor's) 29308$2,851.20
Bunion Correction 28296$3,495.60
Excision Heel Spur 28118$3,216.12
Hammertoe (1) 28285$3,036.00
   Times (2)28285$3,328.80
   Times (3)28285$3,666.00
Fasciotomy 28060$3,315.60
Hardware Removal Simple 20680$3,210.00
Hardware Removal Complex 20680$5,160.00
Port Placement 36561$1,882.87
Inguinal Hernia repair
Femoral hernia/initial49550$3,172.23
incisional or ventral46560$4,840.37
Epigastric hernia49570$2,914.23
Umbilical hernia49585$2,982.63
Lap Chole w/ cholangiograms47563$5,217.05
Lap Appy44970$4,694.96
Lap Nissen43280$7,688.66
EGD w/wo biopsy43239$1,560.50
C-Scope w/wo biopsy45384$1,886.21
Colonoscopy and EGD45378/43235$2,434.41
Breast Biopsy19101$2,080.00
Breast Lumpectomy19301$3,629.28
Breast Lumpectomy with Sentinel Node38525$4,618.80
Excision Soft Tissue Tumor Subfacial > 5cm21933$3,544.73