Please Note: If you are scheduled for a procedure at our facility and we are filing a claim with your insurance policy, the following prices do not apply to you.

The prices for the procedures listed on this website include only the facility fee. The surgeon fee, anesthesia provider fee, and pathology fee (if applicable) are separate entities and you will be billed separately for those charges.

Our goal is for the price to be as transparent as possible. A list of what is not included in the fee is as follows:

  • Any hardware or implants necessary for completion of the procedure (e.g. plates and screws for orthopedic procedures). These will be billed to you after your visit at invoice cost without any markup whatsoever. Copies of the invoices are available upon request.
  • Lodging and travel expenses. You must have a responsible adult to provide transportation upon discharge that can stay with you.
  • Expenses or fees resulting from complications subsequent to the completion of the surgery and discharge from the facility are also not included.

The list of procedures on this website is a partial list of procedures available in this pricing model. If the procedure you require is not listed on this website, feel free to call our contact number to inquire about availability and pricing. The prices listed are not negotiable and are available only to those who are private pay patients that we will not be filing an insurance claim for.

Inguinal Hernia (Single Side)49505$2,025.00
Inguinal Hernia (Bilateral)49505$3,037.50
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (Gallbladder Removal)47563$2,025.00
Chemo Port Placement36561$1,062.50
Hardware Removal (Complex)20680$3,250.00
Hardware Removal (Simple)20680$1,625.00
Breast Lumpectomy19301$1,685.00
Lateral Ankle Stabilization27698$2,170.00
Elbow Scope with Removal of Loose/Foreign Body29834$2,455.00